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Was it worth it or was it all just hype?

We asked some of the people who braved their way into Belfast city centre yesterday.

Stephanie Parker from Belfast:

"It's not what  I had expected from the way it had been built up. I thought there would be far more on sale, but shops only seemed to have one section."

Fergal McIntyre from Strabane:

"We have seen some really great bargains.

"The best so far were in the Disney Store, but some of the other shops were not great."

Stephen Ingram from Armagh:

"I didn't know about Black Friday, I just came in to do some shopping. I found the shops really busy but ended up picking up a few bits and pieces."

Arlene Megaw from east Belfast:

"My daughter and I came into the city centre for the sales but we haven't seen much so far. All we have bought so far is a pair of shoes."

Mairead McVeigh from Ballykelly:

"My sisters and I come to Belfast every year for shopping. We scoped out the shops yesterday, but didn't think there was much on sale."

Ciara Kelly from Newry:

"My sister and I met up to do our big Christmas shop. We haven't really noticed any huge bargains, I think it might be more for electrical goods like TVs."

Richard Evans from Belfast:

"I didn't know about Black Friday, but I had booked the day off work anyway to get my Christmas shopping done.

"So the Black Friday sales were a nice surprise, to be honest. And I enjoyed trying to pick up a bargain in the sale."

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