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Waterford Crystal workers protest in Dublin

Minor scuffles broke out yesterday as a handful of current and former Waterford Crystal workers brought protests over the iconic firm’s threatened closure to Dublin.

Two demonstrators were granted a short face-to-face meeting with senior executives at consultancy firm Deloitte as its receiver David Carson continued efforts to secure a buyer.

Up to 60 employees were preparing for the fifth night of a sit-in at the renowned Kilbarry factory and visitor centre as demands grow for it to be nationalised. Tom Hogan, a retired glass cutter and official with trade union Unite, said employees were angered over plans for an end to manufacturing and a possible 480 lay-offs.

Around a dozen people stormed the Dublin headquarters of accountancy firm Deloitte, which was appointed to handle the receivership of the troubled glass making company last month.

Senior management stepped in and offered representatives the chance to air grievances face-to-face, while protesters picketed the lobby.

A spokesman for Deloitte said it was a peaceful protest. Mr Hogan vowed the sit-in at the factory would continue until jobs were guaranteed.

A Deloitte spokesman declined to comment on the possibility of a rescue package being agreed with potential investors from US-based Clarion group. Negotiations were continuing, he said.

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