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We don't want rapist Foley moving in: residents

Residents along the Donegal border with Tyrone have expressed concern that convicted rapist Eamon Foley is to move in to the area.

Foley, who was convicted of raping 91-year-old Mary Anne McLaughlin from Castlederg nine years ago, was busy this week clearing a site for a mobile home on his brother's land.

He was released after serving eight years of a 16-year sentence and is a Category Three sex offender, the highest risk category.

The site, at Laughtmorris Road in Tyrone, is just 200 metres from the Cronalaghey border crossing, four miles south of Killygordon.

Under bail conditions, he can not use a car, has to return to his home by 11pm each night, and is not allowed to drink. However, these conditions only apply in Northern Ireland.

One resident, who did not wish to be named, claimed the reason that Foley (47) was locating close to the border was so he could drive to his girlfriend's house in Ballybofey.

Last month, his home outside the village of Killeter near Castlederg was maliciously damaged in a suspected arson attack. According to local sources, Foley, has been travelling to Donegal on a daily basis.

Foley was picked up each day by his girlfriend and spent the day with her in her Ballybofey home.

The resident said Foley's impending move in to the area has put them in an " awkward situation".

"We are not to happy about this at all. People can not understand why he is moving here," he added.

"At the moment he is living in a private area. We think he is going to use the border crossing to slip in and out of Tyrone.

"There is nothing stopping him parking a car on the Donegal side of the border and walking to his mobile home. Nobody wants him here."

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