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What senior figures in the Cabinet submitted ...

Here is a breakdown of claims submitted by the Prime Minister and senior Cabinet ministers disclosed in a national newspaper.

Gordon Brown

Mr Brown (right) paid his brother, Andrew, £6,577 for cleaning services at his Westminster flat between 2004 and 2006, the Daily Telegraph revealed.

Alistair Darling

The taxpayer contributed almost £10,000 towards furnishing the Chancellor’s London flat.

Lord Mandelson

Business Secretary Lord Mandelson (far right) claimed thousands of pounds for work on his constituency home in Hartlepool after he had announced his resignation as an MP, it was reported. He renovated the terrace house in 2004 and sold it for a £136,000 profit.

Geoff Hoon

The expenses system helped Mr Hoon to build up a property portfolio reportedly worth £1.7 million.

l Hazel Blears

The Communities Secretary claimed for three different properties in a single year, spending almost £5,000 of taxpayers’ money on furniture in three months.

Margaret Beckett

Mrs Beckett found herself in trouble with the Fees Office after attempting to claim £600 for hanging baskets and pot plants.

Andy Burnham

It was reported that the Culture Secretary was grappling with the Fees Office for eight months over an expenses claim for £16,500 to buy and renovate a new London flat.

Shaun Woodward

Taxpayers contributed almost £100,000 to help pay the mortgage on a £1.35 million flat owned by the Northern Ireland Secretary.

The money went on mortgage interest payments and council tax between 2004 and 2008 for the Thameside flat — one of seven owned by Mr Woodward, it was reported.

Caroline Flint

The Europe minister put solicitors’ fees and stamp duty totalling £14,553 on her Parliamentary expenses after buying a central London flat, the paper claimed.

Paul Murphy

The Welsh Secretary used the Additional Cost Allowance, which MPs can use to help pay for a second home, to buy the freehold on a flat close to Parliament.

Douglas Alexander

Mr Alexander’s constituency home was damaged in a house fire in 2007 after he spent more than £30,000 doing it up, the Telegraph said.

John Prescott

The taxpayer paid for the former deputy prime minister to fit the front of his home in Hull with mock Tudor boards and for his toilet seat to be repaired twice, it was reported.

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