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'When I fell pregnant again, it was scary ...'

By Victoria O'Hara

After the tragedy of losing their first baby two years ago, joy has entered the lives of an Antrim couple.

Olivia and Paul became proud parents to their second baby, Conor, six months ago. But they admit they were apprehensive about the birth.

"When I fell pregnant again, it was scary," Olivia said. "But I knew if I had left it any longer I wouldn't have had any more children.

"I felt so relieved when Conor was born and he was healthy.

"I was a little concerned... but I had a good doctor and I was just dealing with him.

"But there isn't a day goes by that I don't think about Paul. He will always be our son."

Her partner of nine years, Paul Snr, says that, although the new baby has brought the couple happiness, he too constantly thinks of his first son.

"I look at Conor now, and think that Paul, his brother, would now be two," he said.

"He will always be in my mind."

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