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When Sir Hugh's personal life took centre stage

Sir Hugh Orde suffered his biggest embarrassment as Chief Constable in 2007 when the married dad was revealed to have fathered a ‘love child’.

The keen runner, then aged 48, was photographed (right) alongside a female colleague as they took part in the Great North Run in Tyneside in 2006.

A Metropolitan |police officer and |divorcee, she was exposed as Sir Hugh’s lover and the mother of his child.

Sir Hugh’s decision to do the run, in which he raised money for the RUC Widows’ Association, was criticised because it took place on the same day as an event to commemorate deceased police officers back in Belfast which Sir Hugh had chosen not to attend.

Sir Hugh admitted he had conducted an extra-marital relationship, which had led to the birth of a son around October 2005.

In February last year Sir Hugh and Denise Weston posed for their first media pictures together. Kathleen Orde, Sir Hugh’s wife of more than 20 years, kept her silence over the revelations, but is thought to have moved back to England.\[Chris Cairns\]At the time, the chief said: "This is a personal and private matter which does not affect and never affected my ability to do my job.

"My family are fully aware and supportive. I would ask that the privacy of all the individuals involved is respected."

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