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Wife's terror as men 'started to cut up husband'

A women has told a jury how she screamed in terror as two men armed with swords forced their way into her Cornshell Fields home in Londonderry and started “cutting up” her husband.

Mary Stokes was giving evidence on the second day of the trial of Eugene Patrick McGinley, 30, from Amelia Court, who denies carrying out the attack on Boxing Day 2007.

Mrs Stokes said the defendant, together with his brother Sam who is still at large, attacked her husband Edward, 38, in the hallway of their home.

The Crown Court jury was told that Mr Stokes sustained multiple injuries including a puncture wound to the chest and lacerations to his neck and right arm, elbow and wrist. One of the lacerations severed Mr Stoke's digital artery.

Mrs Stokes said the attack on her husband occurred about 15 minutes after the defendant and his brother had been involved in a motoring incident with her and her son Tom, 19, in Ballyarnett Road.

She said she recognised the defendant and his brother as being involved in both the motoring incident and on the attack on her home.

The witness told the jury that she unsuccessfully attempted to prevent the McGinley | brothers from entering her home.

“They came into our house and started slashing and cutting my husband up,” she said.

“They were cutting him up. I was screaming, just screaming,” she added.

Mrs Stokes said her husband ran into the kitchen and said the defendant and his brother “then started smashing up the living room furniture” before they left her home.

She said her son Tom ran after the two men and she went out after him and called him back into the house before a neighbour called the police and ambulance service.

The trial continues.

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