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Win £1000 to bring someone home for Xmas

Tayto and Belfast Telegraph are bringing Norn Iron families together

Tayto is giving away a tasty packet by launching a brand new competition for Belfast Telegraph readers this Christmas.

Norn Iron’s favourite crisp brand has teamed up with the nation’s leading newspaper to offer loyal crisp-crunchers the opportunity to win a fantastic Christmas present of £1000!

The idea is that the cash could be used to arrange the ‘homecoming’ of a family member or friend, or even, if the Tayto fan is off travelling, fund their own journey home to surprise the family.

Bring that sister home from Australia for Mum’s Christmas Dinner, fund your friend’s flights back for your wedding or, if you’re a homesick NI resident living abroad come home for a spring break to surprise your family. Whatever the reason let us know and there could be a crisp £1,000 for that special homecoming making its way to you.

To enter, all Tayto lovers have to do is look out for links to the Tayto competition page or visit and then explain in 75 words or less why they deserve to win a homecoming worth £1,000, who it is for and how best they would use the money to bring family and friends together this Christmas.

The competition finishes on Sunday 6 th December so get your skates on with winner to be announced the next week so make sure your passport is up to date as you could be coming home for Christmas !!!

Also, If you haven’t won or simply you want to say “ ‘bout Ye” to your relatives and friends, you can send the new e-cards from Tayto Nation. Find out more at .

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