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Woman tells of terror as boyfriend was ‘executed’

The girlfriend of a Londonderry man shot dead in front of her at their Waterside home has said that whoever did it “should not be walking the streets”.

Jennifer Cowley was speaking after the inquest into the shooting of 28-year-old doorman Bryan McGlynn on June 3, 2007.

The inquest heard Mr McGlynn was shot twice at close range in his bed with a shotgun, with the second shot fired after he had fallen on to his knees. The INLA claimed responsibility.

Det Supt Frankie Taylor said that at 3.45am on June 3, 2007 Mr McGlynn was in bed at home in Fountain Hill when the door was broken in and at least one gunman shot Mr McGlynn. He would have died instantly.

The police officer said that 12 people had been arrested for the murder but no one had been made amenable and he described the killing as a “brutal execution”.

Ms Cowley gave evidence and said it had been a “terrifying experience”.

Speaking afterwards shes aid her boyfriend had been “executed” and “no one should have to die like that”.

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