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Woman who kicked her baby in face spared jail

A woman who kicked her baby boy in the face because he would not stop screaming has escaped a prison sentence.

Donna Smallbones (21), of Rupert Road, Market Harborough, Leicestershire, kicked out at her 19-month-old son Mikey while he was sitting in a pushchair at a friend's house where she was drinking in December.

The blow left marks from the 21-year-old's trainer shoe on the baby's forehead, and her friends were so shocked they called the police.

Yesterday Smallbones, who previously pleaded guilty to assault, was sentenced to an 18-month community order with a supervision requirement at Market Harborough Magistrates' Court.

On the evening of December 16 Mikey started crying at about 9pm. Friends suggested to Smallbones that she take him home and she put him in his pushchair, but as he started screaming his mother lashed out at him with her foot, catching him in the face.

Her defence Prakash Morar told the court the 19-month-old is on the child protection register as Smallbones has learning difficulties and it is feared she may not be able to cope.

The court heard Mikey is in the care of Smallbones' parents.

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