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Woman who swallowed a phone ... bizarre X-rays

By Aine Fox

They say the truth is sometimes hard to swallow.

Imagine then the prospect of swallowing two forks, a pen and a toothbrush all at once. Unbelievable as it may seem, one person faced a bad case of stomach-ache and the need for surgery after doing just that.

The disturbing, and somewhat mind-boggling X-ray image is one of five released recently from hospitals all across the world.

Patients have had even the most experienced doctors scratching their heads when confronted with such shocking X-rays and the subsequently delicate challenge of retrieving the weird and not-so-wonderful objects.

With no patient details or background stories to explain the images, it is left up to the person viewing the strange prints to imagine what possible situation could have led to someone needing to, or accidentally swallowing any one of the objects pictured.

Perhaps the patient who turned up at the hospital with a mobile phone swimming in her stomach just got tired of the incessant ringing from a scorned ex-lover?

And maybe the person with an open safety pin lodged in their throat was simply testing if the object truly lives up to its “safe” name.

Ironically, one of the most gruesome images is arguably the least shocking. A lengthy nail lodged right through the middle finger of a patient could have been the result of a very unlucky, not to mention painful, accident at work.

In each case it is understood surgeons were successful with their trusty scalpels.

The moral of the story seems simply to be — leave the stationery on the desk and the cutlery in the kitchen drawer.

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