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Woman's distress at finding three dead lambs lying in middle of busy road

By Lesley Houston

A Bangor business owner has been left in shock after finding three dead lambs lying on a main road.

Lindsay Workman was driving to work in the Blackwood area, on the outskirts of the Co Down town, when she spotted the animal remains.

She believes they were newborns, and they were "strewn all over the road".

Spa proprietor Lindsay said the lambs had been left on the roadside in a plastic bag, and appeared to have been struck by passing traffic. The road is a busy thoroughfare between Bangor, Newtownards and Craigantlet.

Lindsay said it "broke my heart" to see the carcasses, and she felt compelled to move the tiny bodies to the side of the road. She added she had been "totally disgusted' by what she witnessed last Thursday. "The lambs were covered in stuff which some people I spoke to suggested was post-birth liquid, indicating that they were perhaps stillborn, but we don't really know the circumstances.

"They were in a bag, so they said they probably fell off a transporter," she speculated.

"No matter what the circumstances, seeing baby lambs all over the road is distressing."

The USPCA's David Wilson said the problem of illegally disposing of animals was "not uncommon".

Where remains pose a risk to traffic, the police should be contacted immediately, he added.

Otherwise, the Department of the Environment could advise on safe disposal of remains.

"There are rendering costs for the disposal of animals, and some people avoid them, but the creatures deserve some dignity," Mr Wilson added.

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