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12 killed as train derails in Pakistan

A train carrying 280 passengers has derailed in a remote area of south-western Pakistan, killing the train driver and 11 passengers and injuring at least 57 people.

The accident took place near the village of Abe Ghum as the train was en route to the garrison city of Rawalpindi from Quetta, the capital of impoverished Baluchistan province, a police officer said.

A railway official said a technical fault in the engine caused the accident.

Pakistani TV footage showed several badly mangled and destroyed train cars and rescuers pulling the injured from the wreckage.

In a statement, the military said it dispatched a helicopter and ambulances to transport the injured to hospitals.

"This accident took place in a remote area and we are utilising all resources to save precious lives," said Pakistan Railways spokesman Rauf Tahir, adding that an investigation into the accident is under way.

Train accidents are common in Pakistan, where tracks and bridges are often poorly maintained.


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