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20 unanswered questions for Tyrone drug smuggler Michaella McCollum

By Staff Reporter

Members of the public have hit out at the soft soap RTÉ interview with convicted drug smuggler Michaella McCollum which focused more on her hairstyle than the drug gang she worked for.

Here we pose the significant questions which were never even put to the Tyrone woman during the interview.

1. Have you ever taken drugs?

2. You said you were not sober when you were leaving Ibiza. Was this because you were drinking or were you taking drugs?

3. Had you taken drugs before you went to Ibiza?

4. Had you ever been involved in the sale of drugs?

5. Was this the first time you attempted to transport drugs?

6. In your two weeks in Peru - before you were due to leave, how much did you speak about transporting the drugs?

7. How much were you offered to transport drugs to Spain?

8. Did you receive any of that money in advance? If yes, what did/will you do with it?

9. You said that you left Belfast for sectarian reasons. What were these reasons?

10. You were planning on returning home after two months in Ibiza, so, how serious were these sectarian concerns?

11. When your phone was confiscated by the people you were with, why did you not run to the police?

12. You put your hair in a bun because you were left with no facilities to wash yourself and were aware of how you looked in the media. If you were so aware of how you were presenting yourself to the media is it possible to believe that you only attempted to transport the drugs because you were naïve?

13. You said you knew you would be arrested, so, why do it?

14. Who gave you the drugs?

15. Have they contacted you since you were arrested?

16. Will you speak to them again?

17. Who told you how to act and speak to the police if you were stopped with the drugs?

18. Who physically put the drugs in your luggage?

19. Have you been in touch with Melissa Reid?

20. Do you consider her to be a friend?

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