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Airman helped passengers survive crash of Second World War bomber

Seven people were killed but the airman’s decision to open a hatch allowed others to escape the fire.

Emergency crews respond to the crash (Kassi Jackson/Hartford Courant/AP)
Emergency crews respond to the crash (Kassi Jackson/Hartford Courant/AP)

By Associated Press Reporter

An airman who was aboard a B-17 bomber that crashed in the US state of Connecticut opened open a hatch that allowed some passengers to escape a fire.

The Connecticut Air National Guard said the airman has training and experience in handling emergencies on aircraft.

After the crash on Wednesday at Hartford’s Bradley International Airport, he used flame-retardant flight gloves he had brought with him to open the hatch.

The airman suffered injuries and has been recovering at home since his release from a hospital.

File picture of a B-17 taking part in the Clacton Airshow (John Stillwell/PA)

The airman is currently command chief for the 103rd Airlift Wing.

His name was not released.

Seven people were killed in the crash of the Second World War-era plane.



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