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Ankara suicide bombers blow themselves up as police move in


The bombers had been stopped by police (AP)

The bombers had been stopped by police (AP)

The bombers had been stopped by police (AP)

Two suicide bombers have blown themselves up after refusing to surrender to police during an operation on the outskirts of the Turkish capital Ankara, a senior official said.

No one else was killed or hurt in the incident in the district of Haymana.

Governor Erkan Topaca said police, acting on a tip, launched an operation to catch a man and a woman who were suspected of planning a suicide car bombing in Ankara. They were hiding inside a hut at a horse farm.

"Police called on them to surrender. They did not respond in a positive way. They blew themselves up before we could intervene," Mr Topaca told reporters at the scene.

He said it was "highly likely" that the one of them was linked to the Kurdistan Workers' Party, or PKK, which has carried out a series of suicide car bombings over the past year.

"The organisation they are connected to is not clear yet but according to information we have received, it is highly likely that (the man) is linked to the PKK. The way the incident was carried out and planned points at the PKK," he said.

Mr Topaca said the pair would have carried out a suicide car bomb attack although their target was not known. The assailants had hung a Turkish flag on their car, in an apparent attempt to disguise themselves, he said.

Turkey has been rocked by a wave of bomb attacks since last summer which have killed hundreds of people and been blamed on either the PKK or Islamic State.

Fighting between the PKK and state security forces resumed last year after the collapse of a fragile ceasefire. Since then, more than 600 Turkish security personnel and thousands of PKK militants have been killed in clashes, according to the state-run Anadolu Agency. Rights groups say hundreds of civilians have also been killed.

The deadliest attack took place in Ankara on October 10 last year, killing 103 people at a peace rally - including many Kurdish activists. Authorities blamed that attack on IS.

On Thursday, 10 people were slightly wounded by a bomb mounted on a motorcycle which exploded near a police station in Istanbul. Six people have been detained in connection with the attack, which authorities blamed on the PKK.