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Apple unveils 'all new' iPhone

The latest "all new" iPhone complete with voice recognition software has been unveiled by technology giant Apple.

The iPhone 4S will go on sale in the UK on October 14 - the same day it is released in the United States.

Phil Schiller, senior vice president of Apple, said the new phone looked similar to the previous iPhone4 and shared its glass front and back and trademark stainless steel band.

He added: "But don't be deceived. Inside it's all new."

The phone has a new A5 chip inside which allows it to use much faster graphics for gameplay and download data twice as fast.

Senior vice president of iPhone Software Scott Forstall came on stage to show off the voice recognition software, called Siri, which allows users to ask the phone questions and get answers.

He said it works as "your humble, intelligent personal assistant that goes everywhere with you and can do anything for you just by asking".

Mr Forstall said Siri understood the language and context of users' questions and then gave a series of examples by asking the phone about the weather, his diary and the stockmarkets.

He said: "I've been in the AI field for a long time and this still blows me away."

The phone has an eight megapixel camera with five lenses, one more than the iPhone4, which will result in sharper pictures.


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