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April Fool's 2021: Ant and Dec's pact, Paddington's confession and buns for the left handed - the best of the day's jokes

There may not have been much to laugh about over this past year, but today's April fools did help bring a smile. Or did it? Daniel Brown has a run down of some of the best of the day


The new left-handed range of buns from Genesis Bakery - sparked intrigue.

The new left-handed range of buns from Genesis Bakery - sparked intrigue.

The new left-handed range of buns from Genesis Bakery - sparked intrigue.

Once again this year media outlets, big brands and some loveable characters put on their best attempt at pranking the public.

Lipton’s Self Jiggling Tea Bag

You may have noticed that Lipton Tea announced a world’s first this morning with the self-jiggling tea bag. A revolutionary tea bag that would stir the tea before removing itself from the tea cup.

Unfortunately – for many of us – this was a hoax.

It is unlikely that tea bags will ever be able to stir the tea themselves never mind remove themselves from the mug, saving us half of the effort. Plus there would never be consesus on just how many jiggles would be needed for the perfect cuppa.

We thought April fools’ day would be the perfect time to introduce the world to our new tech innovation. Introducing Lipton’s Self-jiggling Bag 🤭 #aprilfoolsday

Posted by Lipton on Wednesday, March 31, 2021

Sausage dogs on duty

On Thursday morning, South Australian police announced a new member of the policing team in the form of Dachshunds. You may be used to seeing Alsatians in the typical police uniform, however from today Sausage Dogs will begin to form a key part of the squad.

According to Sergeant Simon Rosenhahn: “We’re … going to be able to attach them to drones and that’s really a game-changer for us. They can be tactically deployed from that – you know, dropped down into people’s yards,”.

A change at Wimbledon

Many of us will finally be enjoying Wimbledon this summer from the comfort of our homes, however the Championship is set to look a little different this year, as it was announced that every blade of grass at Centre Court will be turned purple.

This is in connection with Robinson’s to celebrate the launch of the new Robinsons’ Blackcurrant. Maybe they should also consider changing the scoring from deuce to juice…

Ant and Dec – or is it Dec and Ant?

Ant and Dec, as they were formally known, had a major announcement for their fans this morning. Taking to Twitter they announced a rebrand was under way. After 30 years, the famous pair said they will now officially be known as Dec and Ant.

In a statement from Dec added: "I'm over the moon. We agreed back in the Byker [Grove] days that he'd [Ant] take the first 30 years and I'd take the rest.”

Suez Canal 2

In an article from The Guardian, it was announced that as a result of the blockage of the Suez Canal by the Ever Given ship, efforts were being made to find an alternative to the world’s most important shipping corridor.

“Technology has moved on considerably since the excavation of the first canal in the 1850s,” said the study’s author, the appropriately named Iver Shovel.

According to The Guardian, Felucca operators in the new canal could carry as much as 28% of the Suez cargo volumes, or less. Camel trains would be on standby should water levels in the Nile drop.

Piers Morgan

Guess who’s back? Piers Morgan has announced on Twitter that ITV has offered him a return to Good Morning Britain after he walked off the set of the show last month, after comments he made about Meghan Markle were criticised.

Piers Morgan tweeted that following the Archbishop of Canterbury denying suggestions that he married the Duke and Duchess of Sussex in a private ceremony before the wedding, he would be returning to his old job.

The Cummings statue

This morning The Telegraph reported that plans have been submitted to a local council for a life-sized bronze statue of Boris Johnson’s former chief advisor, Dominic Cummings, to be placed at Barnard Castle.

The infamous story last year that Mr Cummings drove to test his eyesight, has put the town on the map, as The Telegraph says that local tourist chiefs argue that the town should capitalise on the infamy Mr Cummings brought it, having seen visitor numbers increase once lockdown was lifted last summer.

It is reported that a planning application submitted by Olaf Priol requests permission for a 5ft 11in bronze on a pyrite plinth.

In a jam

And Paddington - broke hearts.

Bakery for Left-Handers

And in case you missed it. Our story on Genesis Bakery in Magherafelt launching a new assortment of goods for left-handed people took the biscuit, may have sparked intrigue.

Olaf Priol - again - reported on how Genesis said that it wanted to restore pride to members of the public that are left-handed.

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