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Baby giraffe in US zoo being treated in intensive care

A three-week-old baby giraffe has been placed in intensive care at a Maryland zoo after a sudden change in his blood tests.

The calf, Julius, has been struggling since he was born on June 15 at The Maryland Zoo in Baltimore.

He received a plasma transfusion from a giraffe in Ohio a few days after he was born.

The zoo said the change in Julius' blood tests "a serious concern for the giraffe care and veterinary teams".

It said: "Julius is now in an intensive care situation as the team works to stabilise him while continuing to focus efforts to get him feeding from a bottle.

"We know this news is difficult for all of the #TeamJulius members who've been rooting for him to improve these three weeks and who continue to cheer and pray for our little guy to keep fighting.

"We can only assure you that the zoo team's resolve, expertise, and care are Julius' best allies right now. Not only are our experts critically caring for Julius hour-by-hour, but zoo staff are also regularly communicating with colleagues at AZA-accredited zoos across the country who have worked with similar cases.

"#TeamJulius is big and strong especially when Julius needs strength the most."

Julius was six feet tall and 143 pounds at the time of his birth, but initial tests showed the newborn had insufficient antibodies to protect him from disease.



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