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Bahrain voters return to the polls

Voters in Bahrain are returning to the polls for a run-off election being boycotted by the opposition for the country's first new parliament since widespread Arab Spring-inspired protests nearly four years ago.

Today's election follows a first-round vote last weekend and is for 34 seats in the 40-seat lower house of parliament where no candidate won a majority.

Bahraini authorities say more than half of registered voters cast ballots last weekend, though leading Shiite opposition group al-Wefaq disputes that figure. It estimated turnout at closer to 30%.

Bahrain hosts the US Navy's 5th Fleet and is part of the US-led coalition combating the Islamic State group.

It continues to face street clashes and other low-level unrest as its majority Shiites push for greater political freedoms from the Sunni monarchy.


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