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Baldwin arrested after bike dispute

Alec Baldwin has been arrested for riding a bike the wrong way on the street and acting belligerently towards arresting officers, police in New York said.

Police said the 30 Rock star was taken into custody after two officers noticed him riding his bicycle the wrong way on 16th Street, near Fifth Avenue, close to Union Square Park in Manhattan.

They said the actor was asked to show identification, which is when they say he acted belligerently toward the officers and was arrested. He has since been released.

Police said the 56-year-old was issued a summons for riding a bike the wrong way and for disorderly conduct.

Baldwin is scheduled to appear in Manhattan Criminal Court on the disorderly conduct summons on July 24.

The Oscar and Tony-nominated-actor is known for his temper, most notably exposed when a voicemail of him berating his now-teenage daughter, Ireland Baldwin, came to light in 2007. He later said the message horrified him.

He was kicked off a plane in 2011 after refusing to stop playing a mobile phone game, and he has been involved in confrontations with news photographers.

His personal life was also splashed across the front pages last year when he and his wife testified against a Canadian actress accused of stalking him. The actress, Genevieve Sabourin, was convicted after a Manhattan trial that delved into what she said was a steamy date and years of the actor stringing her along romantically.

He said it was simply a professional dinner that degenerated into her harassing him.

In February, Baldwin wrote a New York magazine cover story criticising the constant tabloid coverage of his comings-and-goings in New York City, saying he "probably" needs to move out of the city and suggesting he might soon be calling Los Angeles home.


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