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Berlusconi: I want my wife to say sorry

Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi apparently demanded a public apology from his wife yesterday after she announced plans to divorce.

The billionaire media magnate’s wife, actress Veronica Lario, confirmed on Sunday she is seeking a divorce from Berlusconi for his constant flirtations with younger women. They have been together since 1980, married in 1990 and have three children in their 20s, but have lived separate lives for many years.

The editors of Corriere della Sera and La Stampa wrote that they spoke with Berlusconi and the premier is feeling bitter about Lario’s revelations.

“Veronica will have to publicly apologise to me, and I don’t know if that will be enough,” Corriere quoted Berlusconi as saying. The Milan daily said when it asked Berlusconi if he was thinking of patching up the couple’s nearly 30-year relationship the premier replied: “I don’t believe so. I don’t know if I want to this time.” Berlusconi was quoted as expressing annoyance with his wife, claiming this is the “third time in an election campaign that she plays a joke like this on me”.

Lario had lashed out at the premier's reported attendance at an 18-year-old woman's birthday party in Naples.

The girl, Noemi Letizia, has been quoted as saying she calls Berlusconi “papi” and has been photographed sporting a gold and diamond necklace the premier reportedly gave her as a birthday gift.

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