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Bill Clinton on the defensive over donations made to foundation


Bill Clinton

Bill Clinton

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Bill Clinton

Former US president Bill Clinton has defended donations to his foundation from foreign governments as his wife Hillary considers a 2016 presidential campaign.

In an interview at the Clinton Global Initiative University, Mr Clinton said he believed they have done "a lot more good than harm".

He noted that one of the foundation's contributors was the United Arab Emirates, which he pointed out was helping the US fight the Islamic State terror group. Hillary Clinton is also speaking at the event at the University of Miami, but she has steered clear of both criticism of her use of a private email account at the State Department and the foundation's fundraising practices.

Lost flight's locator beacon broken

An official report a year on from the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 has done little to solve the mystery of the missing Boeing 777, aviation experts have concluded.

The 584-page report from the Malaysian Government into the March 8, 2014 flight, which had 239 people aboard, points to only one anomaly.

This is the fact that the battery of the aircraft's underwater locator beacon had run out more than a year before. But the report said that the battery on the locator beacon of the cockpit voice recorder was working.

And according to David Learmount of Flightglobal aviation news, the underwater beacon would not be detectable at the great depths to which the aircraft is thought to have descended.

He went on: "This finding is of no significance. The report really has not explained anything about this flight."

The report added that the flight's captain, father-of-three Zaharie Ahmad Shah (53), showed no unusual signs of stress before the plane departed.

Australian prime minister Tony Abbott said the search for MH370 would not end if the scouring of the current search area comes up empty.

Treasury 'not ready for a new crisis'

The Treasury may not be prepared to deal with another major financial crisis, MPs have warned after an inquiry into the Government's capacity to tackle future challenges.

The MPs said the Government and City must do more to prepare for a "worst case scenario" in the financial system.

A cross-party report found a "surprising and urgent gap" in the Treasury and the MPs said they had "not seen sufficient evidence" to show officials had learnt from the 2007-8 crash about the need to be prepared.

The Public Administration Select Committee said: "The Treasury acknowledged to us that the UK remains exposed to the risk of another adverse global economic event, such as the impact of a crisis in the eurozone, and that this could be on the same scale as the 2007-8 financial crash."

However, a Treasury spokeswoman said: "By focusing on Whitehall procedures they have entirely missed the point.

"Taking the action needed to protect hard-working people from the effects of future financial shocks is at the heart of our long term economic plan."

Security alert over man on  Houses of Parliament roof

A man who sparked an alert after he got on to the roof of the Palace of Westminster has been arrested on suspicion of criminal damage and trespassing.

Emergency services including police negotiators, fire brigade and ambulance service were called when the 23-year-old was seen on the top of the building just after 9pm on Saturday. He was detained around eight hours later and taken to a police station. Scotland Yard said: "At this stage it is too early to ascertain the reason as to why the man was trespassing on the roof."

Kid to learn about sex and consent from the age of 11

Pupils are to be taught about the difference between rape and consensual sex from the age of 11.

Education Secretary Nicky Morgan said the materials, which would be "age-appropriate", were aimed at giving teachers confidence and better guidance to teach difficult subjects.

According to The Sunday Times, they include telling pupils that agreeing to have sex once does not constitute consent to do so repeatedly and that going upstairs or kissing is not tacit agreement to intercourse.

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