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BlackBerry problems spread to US

BlackBerry users across the world are continuing to endure an outage of email, messaging and internet services on the phones which has now spread to the US and Canada.

Research In Motion, the Canadian company that makes the phones, said users in the Americas "may be experiencing intermittent service delays", and said it is working to fix the problem. For users in Europe, Asia, Latin America and Africa, Wednesday marked the third day of difficulties.

It appeared to be the biggest outage in years for BlackBerry users, many of whom reported lengthy rather than "intermittent" loss of service.

The problems started on Monday, and on Tuesday RIM said a crucial link in its infrastructure had failed, and a backup did not work either. It said it is now working to get through a backlog of traffic. It has not explained why the outage spread to North America on Wednesday.

The service outage, the longest in many years, added to RIM's woes. The company is struggling with slowing sales, delays in getting new phones out, a tablet that has been a dud and shares that are approaching a five-year low.

The duration of the latest outage could force large businesses to rethink their use of BlackBerrys, said Gartner analyst Carolina Milanesi. Many of them have stuck with the phones because of the quality and efficiency of its email system, but that is now in question, she said.


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