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Bleat and greet cop collars garage goats

A US policeman had to handle two runaways with kid gloves after a pair of miniature goats escaped from their home and wandered the streets.

Sergeant Daniel Fitzpatrick found the pygmy goats in a woman's garage in Belfast, Maine, a seaport town about 45 miles east of Augusta.

The goats had been snacking on cat food and the officer used a cat lead to bring them into his squad car, feeding them carrots and celery as he drove around looking for their owner .

The owner's daughter saw Sgt Fitzpatrick's Facebook post and later picked up the pair, named Louis and Mowgli - but not before the cop took a selfie with the cute duo.

The officer called the runaways "good company" and said he might add patrol goats to the next police budget.



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