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Blockbusters reel US box office to record year

The US has seen a record-breaking, 11 billion-dollar year at the movies.

Box-office tracker Rentrak said the industry had already reached the benchmark and was expected to end the year with an unprecedented 11.1 billion (£7.5bn) in ticket sales in the US and Canada.

The previous record of 10.9 billion dollars (£7.3bn) was set in 2013.

This year heralded numerous record-breaking releases, including Fifty Shades Of Grey, which set a record for February opening-weekend attendance, and Furious 7 did the same in April.

Opening in June, Jurassic World scored the biggest debut weekend until it was surpassed this month by Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

"Hollywood built the perfect box office beast in 2015, with one hit movie after the next," said Rentrak analyst Paul Dergarabedian.


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