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Body language expert says Tiger Woods was sincere

There was nothing in Tiger Woods' body language to indicate he was lying when the golfer apologised for his adultery, a body language expert said.

“I thought it was a very genuine, humbled man that stood before those cameras and that group of people, and I think he told the truth,” said Robert Phipps, who has analysed the body language of many famous people for different TV programmes.

He added: “There was nothing in his body language that would indicate he was lying — there were no lying signals. His body language was consistent with what he was saying.”

Mr Phipps said there tended to be a sequence of movements which could indicate that someone was lying.

“These can be the blinking rate increasing, the hand coming to the face, or to the side of the neck, and he didn't do any of those things.

“His breathing rate wasn't particularly rapid, and he wasn't licking his lips — we do that when we are lying, because we want to stop the lies coming out.

“Also he looked straight at people when he was talking to them, holding the look, not glancing away.

“His voice faltered at different times, but was stronger when he was attacking the media. If an actor is learning how to do that, they find that difficult to do.

“It is very unlikely he could have been trained to behave in the way that we saw — most body language is unconsciously controlled.”

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