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Bomb blasts cap deadly day in Iraq

Bombs in Baghdad killed six people on Saturday night, capping a deadly day in which at least 33 people died across Iraq, officials said.

A bomb hidden in a bicycle outside a Sunni mosque killed three worshippers and wounded eight others leaving evening prayers at the Omer Bin Abdul Aziz mosque just north of Baghdad, police said.

A half hour later, three policemen died nearby while responding to an explosion under a bridge in the predominantly Christian al-Ghadeer neighbourhood in the capital's east, officials said.

A second bomb killed them. Eight people were wounded in the blasts.

The casualties were confirmed by Baghdad hospital officials.

Also, Iraqi security official said two explosions in the northern city of Mosul wounded 15 people, including nine Iraqi soldiers and policemen.

Violence has dropped in Iraq since the period a few years ago when the county was in the brink of civil war, but deadly bombings and shootings still occur every day, just months before the scheduled pullout of US forces at the end of the year.

The deadliest incident in Iraq, however, was a traffic accident.

A bus carrying holidaying families through northern Iraq collided head-on with a car and burst into flames, killing all 24 people trapped on the bus and three people in the car, police said.


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