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BP sues Gulf rig owner over spill

BP has filed a lawsuit alleging negligence by the maker of the device that failed to stop the Gulf of Mexico oil spill, as well as the owner of the oil rig.

The news came on the day relatives flew over Gulf of Mexico waters where 11 oil rig workers died a year ago.

The anniversary of the Deepwater Horizon disaster also saw, residents gathered in prayer vigils onshore and President Barack Obama vowed to hold BP and others accountable for "the painful losses that they've caused".

BP has sued rig owner Transocean for at least 40 billion US dollars (£24bn) in damages, accusing it of causing last year's deadly blow-out. BP said every single safety system and device and well control procedure on the Deepwater Horizon rig failed.

In a statement, Transocean called BP's lawsuit "desperate", "specious", and "unconscionable".

"The Deepwater Horizon was a world-class drilling rig manned by a top-flight crew that was put in jeopardy by BP, the operator of the Macondo well, thorough a series of cost-saving decisions that increased risk - in some cases, severely," Transocean said.

BP said in its lawsuit filed in federal court in New Orleans that Cameron International provided a blow-out preventer with a faulty design, alleging that negligence by the manufacturer helped cause the disaster. The suit seeks damages to help BP pay for the tens of billions of dollars in liabilities it has incurred from the disaster.

BP has also sued cement contractor Halliburton alleging fraud, negligence and concealing material facts in connection with its work on the rig.

Over 85 days, 206 million gallons of oil - 19 times more than the Exxon Valdez spilled - spewed from the well before it could be capped successfully.


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