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Brazilian police arrest plastic surgeon ‘Dr Bumbum’ after patient dies

He had been on the run for five days.

Brazilian “celebrity” surgeon Dr Denis Cesar Barros Furtado (AP Photo/Leo Correa)
Brazilian “celebrity” surgeon Dr Denis Cesar Barros Furtado (AP Photo/Leo Correa)

Police arrested celebrity plastic surgeon Denis Cesar Barros Furtado on Thursday, five days after he went on the run following the death of a patient.

Known as “Dr Bumbum” – Brazilian slang for backside – Furtado was arrested at an office complex in Rio de Janeiro’s Barra de Tijuca neighbourhood. Police also arrested his mother, Maria de Fatima Barros, who worked with him.

Police said Furtado performed a buttock enhancement procedure on bank manager Lilian Calixto at his Rio home on Saturday. Ms Calixto fell ill during the procedure and Furtado rushed her to a nearby hospital, where she died hours later.

Police say the exact cause of her death has not been determined.

Dr Denis Cesar Barros Furtado, right, and his mother Maria de Fatima Barros (AP Photo/Military Police Press Office)

Furtado disappeared after he dropped Ms Calixto off at the hospital and a judge issued a warrant for his arrest.

Inside a police station on Thursday, Furtado told reporters he was innocent of any wrongdoing. “There was an occurrence with the patient,” he said.

In a video aired by the G1 news portal, Furtado said: “A fatality has occurred — a fatality that could happen to any doctor.” G1 said the video was posted on a social media site after Furtado’s arrest.

The doctor’s lawyer, Naiara Baldanza, said in a statement that “any conclusion regarding the death of Lilian Calixto and my client’s responsibility in this fatality is premature”.



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