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Breakfast, massages and execution orders: Nazi SS boss Himmler's diary revealed

Excerpts from Nazi SS leader Heinrich Himmler's diary show how mass murder was institutionalised and routine in Adolf Hitler's Germany.

Bild newspaper has been publishing extracts from the day planner, which was found in a Russian archive in 2013 and is being prepared for publication next year.

The January 3 1943 entry shows Himmler ate a late breakfast followed by a massage, then spoke on the phone to his wife and daughter.

He ends his day ordering civilians in Poland to be executed in retaliation for a partisan attack on a police station, and the families of the policemen, who did not fight back, to be sent to concentration camps.

Political theorist Hannah Arendt once famously called Himmler's underling Adolf Eichmann an example of the "banality of evil".



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