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Bumper price for Banksy trailer

Auctioneers handling the sale of an unusual early work by the elusive street artist known as Banksy say the spray-painted trailer home has sold for 500,000 euro (£359,000).

Auction house Digard says including fees the total sale price for the 1998 work "Silent Majority" was 620,000 euro (£445,000).

Digard had hoped to fetch at least 400,000 US dollars for the work, which was sold by the trailer's owner, who was living in the trailer when approached by the then-obscure artist at the Glastonbury music festival with a request to paint it.

The work depicts a commando raid to install sound gear for a rave. The owner hopes to build a house with the money from the proceeds, putting it on the same piece of land where the trailer stood for so long.


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