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Bus fire in China kills 17 people and injures 32

A Chinese man upset over a financial dispute set fire to a moving bus and fled as the flames trapped people inside, killing 17 of them and injuring 32, authorities said.

Several hours later police caught 33-year-old Ma Yongping on a construction site in Yinchuan, the capital of Ningxia region, the regional government's news office said.

State media reported the suspect was upset over a financial dispute with a subcontractor on a settlement project.

The man carried two buckets of petrol on to the bus, ignited them with a lighter and escaped from the window on the bus driver's side, state media said.

The state broadcaster CCTV said the suspect surrendered after a four-hour stand-off with police.

The government said firefighters put out the flames in five minutes and that eight of the injured were in critical condition.


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