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Call for more Pakistan funding

Donors must "step up to the plate" to help flood-ravaged Pakistan, an international aid agency has warned as the United Nations prepared to launch a new appeal.

The international community must inject more funds and effort to stop the spiralling crisis, Oxfam said, adding that only a fraction of people have received the help they need.

The UN will launch the world's biggest humanitarian appeal as it seeks to at least treble the 460 million US dollars (£294 million) raised so far.

Oxfam's humanitarian director Jane Cocking said: "This is a crisis of a truly epic scale and it's far from over yet.

"If the people that need help do not receive it, then disease and hunger could spiral. We desperately need donors to step up to the plate and inject urgent funding.

"These people have lost so much, but they still could lose more. Even today, people are drinking dirty and contaminated water straight out of the Indus river. Soon we will need to help them go home and restart their lives."

Oxfam said almost four million people in need of food aid were yet to receive it.

The charity warned that farmers were set to miss the planting season, with water yet to recede in some areas, and tools washed away by the flood waters.

It called on donors to act on their pledges and produce the funds.

The UN said more than 70% of the flood-affected population lacked access to safe drinking water, and more than 80% lacked access to clean, functioning toilets.


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