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Catalan chief vows to continue secession push

Separatists won a December election and chose Quim Torra as regional chief.

The separatist leader of Catalonia says he will continue to push for secession after the end of a seven-month takeover by Spanish authorities following last year’s failed breakaway bid.

Quim Torra said after swearing in his Cabinet that “this government accepts the charge to continue forward with the mandate to form an independent state”.

The forming of a Catalan government automatically ended the takeover of the region by central powers started after last October’s illegal declaration of independence by the region’s parliament.

Mr Torra also repeated his request to open talks with new Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez, who was sworn in earlier on Saturday and has promised to a meeting.

Mr Torra said “Pedro Sanchez, let us talk, take risks, both you and I, let us sit down at a table and talk, government to government.”


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