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Chain reaction Guinness world record bid appears to fall short

A team effort to build the world's largest chain reaction machine appears to have collapsed.

Lead builder Steve Price said some sections of The Zeal Credit Union's Incredible Science Machine failed, which he believes meant there were not enough completed steps to break the record.

Organisers are still awaiting a Guinness World Records review.

The machine, activated at the Michigan Science Centre in Detroit, Michigan, featured about half a million objects, including about 200,000 dominoes and other components including ping-pong balls, Hot Wheels tracks and blocks.

Organisers say the current Guinness World Records mark for a Rube Goldberg machine had 300 steps. Mr Price said his machine had between 400 and 500 steps but the number probably fell below 200 after the failures meant back-up sections had to run.

Nevertheless, he said he was proud of the team's effort and the scale of what was built.


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