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Charlie Hebdo: Kouachi brothers were on British and US 'no fly' list

Killers revealed to have links with Muslim cleric Abu Hamza

The Charlie Hebdo Kouachi brother killers were on a UK Warnings Index for some time, it has been revealed.

It has also been claimed that they were also on a 'no fly' to the US list as it's reported  that the terrorist brothers are prepared to die “as martyrs” as their  hostage siege at a French industrial estate continues.

Said (34) and Cherif Kouachi (32) have also been revealed to have been mentored by an al Qaida terrorist with links to London's Finsbury Park mosque.

However, it is not yet known whether the brothers ever lived in the UK before they launched the attack at the satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo in Paris which left 12 dead.

The brothers "have declared they want to die as martyrs", MP Yves Albarello told French broadcaster i>tele.

Heavily armed police and special forces personnel have surrounded the premises in the town of Dammartin-en-Goele, where a full-scale lockdown has been implemented.

Live updating: Shootout reported in Paris kosher supermarket, as Charlie Hebdo suspects hold hostage in Dammartin-en-Goele 

Officers have made telephone contact with the suspects, an official confirmed.

It also emerged this morning that authorities now believe that there is a link between the brothers and the suspected perpetrator of a shooting yesterday in the Parisian suburb of Montrouge in which a police officer was killed.

A former undercover spy said the Charlie Hebdo terror was "the legacy of Abu Qatada and Abu Hamza" - two hate preachers once based at the London mosque.

Abu Hamza is due to be sentenced in New York today after being convicted of trying to establish an al-Qaeda training camp in America.

Paris terror suspect Cherif Kouachi is a follower of Djamel Beghal, a terrorist who allegedly recruited the shoe bomber Richard Reid, the Daily Telegraph reported.

Beghal, an Algerian who once boasted he had established a large terrorist network across Europe, is said to have recruited the younger Kouachi while he was in prison.

Reda Hassaine, who worked as an MI5 informant at the London mosque, said Beghal was a frequent visitor there in the 1990s, when radical hook-handed cleric Hamza was based there.

More information about the family background of the two brothers, believed to have been poverty-stricken orphans, have emerged.

Cherif Kouachi was a pizza delivery man and would-be rapper before he was reportedly persuaded by extremist cleric Farid Benyettou to abandon his life and book a flight to wage "holy war" in Syria.

Raised in care homes in Rennes after his French Algerian parents died, he returned to Paris with his brother where he fell under the spell of extremism due to his angr at the war in Iraq.

He told a French documentary in 2005 how he became radicalised, explaining that "Farid told me that (holy) texts prove the benefits of suicide attacks.

"It's written in the texts that it's good to die as a martyr."

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