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Charlie Hebdo: Trinity college lecturer warns Irish media against publishing Muhammad cartoon

Media outlets in Ireland have been warned by a Dublin based scholar not to republish cartoons by the French satirical weekly Charlie Hebdo - after the massacre at the magazine's offices.

Dr Ali Selim who lectures in Trinity College and is part of the Islamic Cultural Centre of Ireland told Classic Hits 4FM that posting the images could prompt legal action.

Host Niall Boylan asked if he should fear for his life if he retweeted a replica of the Charlie Hebdo cartoon.

Dr Selim said:"No, your life will not be in danger, but definitely we will check the Irish law, if there is any legal channel against you, we'll take it."

He continued: "You can say love is stronger than hate, but you can’t portray the Prophet Muhammad. If the law gives you the right to do it, do it, if the law does not give you the right to do it, then don’t do it."

Dr Selim, who condemned the shocking attack said he is a “great advocate of freedom of expression,” but added he would seek legal advice if any Irish media outlet publishes or shares offensive imagery of Muhammad.

He added: "Publishing the cartoon doesn’t help for peaceful coexistence,” as the image “is an act of mockery.”

Speaking to the Herald after the interview, Dr Selim reiterated his position.

"This [The image] is offensive," he said.

The murder of nine journalists, two police officers and a maintenance man by masked men on Wednesday has plunged France into mourning.

At around 11.30am two men forcibly entered the offices of the satirical magazine, where a weekly editorial meeting was taking place, and after compelling the journalists to identify themselves opened fire.

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