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Chess champ Kasparov hit over head with board by former fan

Chess legend Garry Kasparov has been hit over the head with a chessboard in what appears to have been a politically motivated attack.

The world's former No.1 player who quit the professional game last month to focus on politics was not injured in the attack. After signing the board for a young man at an event in Moscow it was then smashed over his head.

A spokeswoman for Kasparov said the man told the chess champion: "I admired you as a chess player, but you gave that up for politics."

He then tried to strike Kasparov a second time but was taken away by security guards.

Speaking after the incident Kasparov said: "It was fairly nasty, it was not very pleasant psychologically. I was just about able to muster up enough humour to joke darkly that, luckily in Russia, chess and not baseball is popular."

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