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Concordia fuel 'can be pumped out'

Salvage workers are preparing to pump fuel from the sunken Costa Concordia after experts said the wreck was now stable.

Meanwhile two more bodies have been found by divers in the ship, taking the total of confirmed dead to 15

The divers will continue the search in tandem with the fuel removal.

The national civil protection agency in charge of the search said that would continue "as long as it is possible to inspect whatever can be inspected".

The decision to carry out both operations at once was made after it was determined that the Costa Concordia did not risk falling to a lower seabed.

The latest victims to be found were women discovered in the ship's internet cafe.

The recovery of the two brings to 17 the number of known missing. However it has emerged that unregistered guests were on board at the time of the accident, meaning the number of officially missing could increase.

Officials co-ordinating the rescue and anti-pollution efforts said an oily film had been spotted about 300 metres from the capsized vessel.

The film was spotted by officials flying in a helicopter and by residents of Giglio island.

Samples are being analysed, the officials said, but preliminary observations indicate the slick is a light oil and not from heavy fuel inside the Concordia's tanks. Absorbent panels immediately put around the area seemed to have at least partially absorbed the oil.


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