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Cops disperse anti-Trump protest with pepper spray

Donald Trump

A day of noisy but largely peaceful protests at Donald Trump's speech in Phoenix turned unruly as police fired pepper spray at crowds after rocks and bottles were apparently thrown at officers.

Protesters and police clashed outside the convention centre where the President had just wrapped up his speech.

Mr Trump had opened his rally with calls for unity and an assertion that "our movement is about love", but then erupted in anger, blaming the media for condemnation of his response to deadly violence at a white supremacists' protest in Charlottesville, Virginia, two weeks ago.

Protesters outside the Phoenix event on Tuesday night fled the scene coughing as an officer in a helicopter used a speaker to urge them to leave the area. Officers responded with pepper spray to break up the crowd after people threw rocks and bottles and dispersed gas, a police spokesman said.

Four people were arrested on charges related to the protest, and one was arrested on an unrelated warrant.

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