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Couple give away lottery millions

A Canadian couple who won £6.9 million on the lottery and gave away 98% of it said that they are just plain country folks who do not need more than they have.

Allen and Violet Large said they won their fortune in a July 14 Lotto 649 draw and decided to save 2% for a rainy day and give away the rest.

After taking care of their family, they donated some £6.5 million to churches, fire departments, cemeteries and the Red Cross in Lower Truro, Nova Scotia, as well as hospitals where Mrs Large, who has cancer, has undergone treatment.

Mr Large, 75, said that, after retiring from a 30-year career as a welder, he and his wife were happy with what they had and the way their lives were going.

He said their phone has been ringing non-stop since news about their philanthropy spread to international media after a local paper covered their story this week.


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