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Cow brains seized at Cairo airport

Officials at Cairo's international airport have confiscated 420lb (190kg) of frozen cow brains from three Sudanese travellers who planned to sell them to Egyptian restaurants, authorities said.

An airport official said it was the fourth time this week that customs officers there had foiled an attempt to smuggle cow brains into the country, reflecting the growth of a moneymaking scheme made possible by some realities of international supply and demand: Cow brains are cheap in Sudan, and Egyptians like to eat them.

A pound of raw cow brains bought in Sudan for less than 60p can be resold in Egypt for six times as much, airport officials said. That means Friday's haul could have earned the men more than £1,000.

Restaurants specialising in liver and brains are popular in Egypt. Both items are deep fried and often eaten in pitta bread with spicy red sauce.

The seized brains would be burned, the officials said.


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