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'Dead' cat crawls out of grave and returns to owner

A US cat owner has been left baffled after he claimed his “dead” pet turned up outside his front door – five days after being buried.

Ellis Hutson told vets in Tampa Bay, Florida, that he had found his black and white cat Bart lying in a pool of blood after he was hit by a car.

According to Fox 13, Hutson told the Human Society of Tampa Bay that he had taken Bart away and buried him, and could not explain how the cat came to be spotted by neighbours a full five days later.

Vets say the most likely – if extraordinary – explanation is that the cart was only unconscious, came to in the ground and clawed his way out, before hiding for a few days until he returned home hungry. Hutson reportedly claimed he was “sure” Bart had been dead.

Rescuers at the Humane Society told Fox 13 Bart had suffered severe head trauma, a broken jaw and lost sight in one eye – but that he was expected to survive the ordeal.

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Guess who's back? Vets believe the pet came to underground and clawed his way out

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