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Death in Dubai: Anatomy of a professional hit

The operation to kill Hamas commander Mahmoud al-Mabhouh in Dubai took less than 24 hours to conclude.

January 19, 2010

00:09 Alleged hit squad begins to arrive in Dubai. First to arrive are ‘Michael Bodenheimer’ and ‘James Leonard Clarke’.

00:30 Gail Folliard and Kevin Daveron arrive from Paris on an Air France flight. Both are carrying forged passports from Ireland.

00:30 to 02:26 Other members of the team arrive. Each are carrying fake passports. The names and ‘fake’ passport countries are: Melvyn Mildiner, Stephen Hodes, Paul Keeley, Jonathan Graham, James Clarke, and Michael Barney — all Britain. Evan Dennings — Ireland.

02:26 Peter Elvinger arrives. He is using a fake French passport. He meets a member of the team at airport. They check into a variety of hotels using cash.

10:40 to 11:00 Alleged team members meet at shopping centre. They are seen entering separately or in pairs and leaving separately or in different pairs.

15:00 (about) al-Mabhouh arrives in Dubia — he is also using a fake passport. He does not have security with him. He is met by a Palestinian who is a resident of Dubai at the airport. He is allegedly followed by members of the assassination team at the airport.

15:25 Mahmoud al-Mabhouh checks into the Al-Bustan Rotana Hotel, room 230. He is apparently followed to his hotel room by two members of the ‘hit squad’.

15:55 Peter Elvinger makes call to book room 237 at Al-Bustan Rotana Hotel. It is directly across the hall from room 230.

16:25 al-Mabhouh stayed in his room for an hour before leaving to meet people who are believed to be Palestinians from Gaza.

16:30 Peter Elvinger checks into room 237. He does not go to the room but allegedly passes the key to Kevin in the lobby.

19:30 Peter Elvinger leaves Dubai Airport.

20:00 Members of assassination team are allegedly seen on video on hallway near 230.

20:24 al-Mabhouh arrives back at his hotel after shopping for shoes.

20:30 al-Mabhouh returns to his room and supposedly is killed, first by being stunned and then strangled to death.

20:47 Hit squad leave hotel.

22:30 Melvyn Mildiner and Stephen Hodes depart to South Africa, Kevin Daveron and Gail Folliard depart to Paris.

23:30 Michael Bodenheimer and Jonathan Graham allegedly depart to Hong Kong.

January 20, 2010

00:30 Evan Dennings allegedly departs to Zurich.

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