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Decision to end Hamas terror listing was wrong, top EU court says

The European Union's top court has said a lower court should not have removed the Islamic militant group Hamas from the EU's terror list and has sent the case back for reconsideration.

The EU originally listed Hamas as a terror group in 2001, a move that froze the assets of the organisation in the European Union.

However, the decision was annulled on procedural grounds by an EU court in 2014.

The EU launched an appeal and Wednesday's ruling said the 2014 annulment was wrong and must now be reconsidered.

However, it added that Hamas funds will continue to be frozen pending the outcome of the reconsideration.

In May, Hamas issued a new policy document in a bid to rebrand itself with softer positions. In the new document, Hamas said it accepts a Palestinian state alongside Israel, a departure from the founding charter which envisioned that state in place of a defeated Israel.

At the same time, Hamas also upheld its right of armed resistance against the Israeli occupation, noting that its fight is against occupation, not Jews.

In another terror listing case on Wednesday, the court upheld a decision ordering the removal of the Sri Lankan rebel group Tamil Tigers from the terror list.

The organisation, formally known as the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam, was put on the list in 2006, but the group was defeated by Sri Lankan forces in 2009.



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