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Defeated Gbagbo 'will face charges'

Former Ivory Coast leader Laurent Gbagbo is to be put on trial facing charges on a "national and international" level.

His successor Alassane Ouattara said Gbagbo was being held in a villa and that his rights as a former head of state will be respected.

"Gbagbo is in a residence under surveillance somewhere in Ivory Coast," said Mr Ouattara.

He said the justice minister was preparing for a possible prosecution but gave no details.

"There will be charges (against Gbagbo) on a national level and an international level," he said.

Mr Ouattara will move into the presidential palace in the next few days, he said, adding that a swearing-in ceremony will be held.

Gbagbo was finally removed by Mr Ouattara's forces following his refusal to cede power after losing a November election, leading to a four-month stand-off which plunged the West African nation into chaos and killed an unknown number of people.

More than a million civilians fled their homes amid the fighting, which also disrupted the economy of the cocoa-producing powerhouse.


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