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DNC emails leak: Julian Assange rejects Hillary Clinton's Russian link claims, says more leaks are coming

Julian Assange has denied that Russia was behind the 20,000 leaked Democratic National Convention (DNC) emails, which suggested DNC staffers inappropriately backed Hillary Clinton, and admits that there are more leaks to come.

Some 20,000 DNC emails were made public by WikiLeaks in July, revealing the party's collusion with the Hillary Clinton campaign to sideline her opponent Bernie Sanders.

Speaking exclusively to RT following the leak from the Democratic National Convention server, the WikiLeaks editor-in-chief cited public interest, not political motivation for the leak and denied any Russian involvement.

    Mr Assange said: "Russia has been brought up by Hillary Clinton most recently just a few days ago on Fox, so I think it’s necessary to address what WikiLeaks feels is its perception of its own publication to the RT audience."

    Assange spoke of previous hacks that produced leaks in a number of media organisations which contained contaminated metadata.

    He said: "There are claims that in the metadata (a digital trail of any changes made to a file) someone’s done a document to PDF conversion, and the, in some cases the language of the computer that was used for that conversion was Russian.

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    "So that’s circumstantial evidence that some Russian was involved or someone who wanted to make it look like a Russian was involved.

    "That’s not the case for the material that we released."

    Wikileaks founder talks exclusively about Hillary Clinton, ISIS and Turkey.

    When asked by host Afshin Rattansi about whether further expected publications by WikiLeaks will include DNC email leaks, Assange simply replied, “yes”.

    Elsewhere in the interview to be aired in full on Saturday’s edition of Going Underground, he claimed there was no need to reveal his sources as original documents were published.

    The leaks sparked resignations from three senior DNC officials this week. CEO Amy Dacey, communications director Luis Miranda and Chief Financial Officer Brad Marshall. Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz resigned last month following previous hacks.


    Recent DNC email leaks confirmed a conspiracy against Bernie Sanders that has resulted in resignations

    Recent DNC email leaks confirmed a conspiracy against Bernie Sanders that has resulted in resignations

    Julian Assange is on RT’s Going Underground program to be aired Saturday at 11:30

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