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Doctors' son kidnapped and killed

The eight-year-old son of two doctors who moved from England to India has been kidnapped and killed, according to reports.

Ishan Rawal was reportedly kidnapped during a ceremony to celebrate the opening of his parents' hospital in central India.

His strangled body is understood to have been found in woodland after his parents Dr Nikita Rawal and Dr Arvind Rawal, who used to work at Hull Royal Infirmary, reported him missing.

The Foreign and Commonwealth Office said it is in contact with police in the the city of Indore following the death of a British national and will be "following the investigation closely".

Mrs Rawal, 42, who lived in Beverley, East Yorkshire before they moved to India last year, said in local newspaper the Hull Daily Mail: "How can someone do such a thing?

"He was such a talented boy - he played tennis and was getting on very well at school. We are missing a very big part of our lives that we will never get back."

Ishan is believed to have gone missing on June 22 - the day of the opening ceremony at Royal Shanti Hospital in Indore, central India.

A man who was known to Mr and Mrs Rawal was taken into custody and confessed to taking Ishan to wood about 8km away from the hospital and killing him, according to reports.

However, the couple believe others may have been involved in Ishan's death.

They have reportedly requested an inquiry and asked the British High Commission to meet authorities in Delhi to widen the investigation.


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