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Donald Trump warns North Korea of 'pretty severe' response to missile tests

Donald Trump has warned North Korea he is considering "some pretty severe things" in response to the isolated nation's unprecedented launch of a missile capable of reaching the US.

The US president called on all nations to confront Pyongyang's "very, very bad behaviour".

Mr Trump, in his first public comments since North Korea tested an intercontinental ballistic missile for the first time, declined to offer specifics about what a US response might entail, although he called it a "threat" and said the US would "confront it very strongly".

"It's a shame that they're behaving this way," he said of North Korea's leaders. "But they are behaving in a very, very dangerous manner, and something will have to be done about it."

The US has been considering a range of possible sanctions, economic measures and other steps in response to Pyongyang.

The test of an ICBM marked a major technological advancement for North Korea that American officials have described as intensifying the threat against the US by bringing the North closer to being able to mount a nuclear warhead on a missile that could hit American soil.

Nato also demanded that North Korea immediately halt its ballistic missile and nuclear weapons programmes.

"Abandon all existing weapons of mass destruction programmes once and for all and engage in real dialogue," secretary-general Jens Stoltenberg said in a statement as he welcomed Japanese prime minister Shinzo Abe in Brussels.

The European Union and Japan called for tougher measures against North Korea.

The leaders said at a summit in Brussels that they "stand ready to strengthen measures aimed at further restricting the transfer of relevant items and technologies and funding for North Korea's nuclear and ballistic missile programmes".

The statement said: "To that end, we call for the early adoption of a new and comprehensive UN Security Council resolution."

The US told an emergency session of the Security Council that the world must do more to "cut off the major sources of hard currency to the North Korean regime".

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